• Cheats Choc Peppermint Brownies - Great Hack For the Mum with No Time to Cook

    Ok...... So if you're anything like us, you are juggling work, house, kids and homeschooling. Who has time to bake? 

    We have to give credit where it is due and Donna Hay, your packet mixes are awesome!

    This recipe is a packet mix and some pure peppermint oil but shhhhh, you wouldn't know. It literally takes 5 minutes to make and straight in the oven. 

    You will need: 

    1 x Donna Hay - molten chocolate brownie mix box. 

    2 x eggs

    125g Unsalted butter

    5 drops of pure Peppermint Essential Oil. 


    Follow the instructions on the back of the pack and add peppermint oil and mix well before adding chocolate chunks. 

    Tip - If you cut these brownies small they will last a good while. They are super rich so small brownies are more than enough to keep the cravings at bay.