• Lovely Lemon and White Chocolate Eggs

    These Easter treats are really easy to make just a little pure lemon oil to some white chocolate buttons and Bob's your uncle. If you want something a little hand made without the fuss this is a really easy 'recipe'. 


    - 150g of large white chocolate buttons. 

    - 8 drops of pure lemon essential oil. 


    - In a heatproof microwavable bowl place the chocolate buttons. 

    - Heat in 30 second bursts stirring between each burst to melt the chocolate. 

    - Once the chocolate is completely melted, add the 8 drops of lemon oil. 

    - Stir in oil and then scoop the chocolate into the moulds smoothing over with a knife. 

    - We made ours in half egg shaped moulds and once set, glued the two halves together with a little extra melted chocolate. 

    - Dust with some lemon zest and enjoy at your Easter dinner party. x