• Mother Day DIY Coconut Milk Bath - With Lime

    The milk bath.....It used to be the bath of queens but has since been forgotten. We would loooooove to gift it or indulge in one this Mother's Day. We have used coconut milk powder in our recipe but powdered goat or powdered cow milk can also be used. We like the subtle coconut scent with the lime oil to create the relaxing colada inspired tropical bath..... Enjoy. 


    - 1/2 cup of natural oats

    - 1/2 cup of powdered coconut  milk

    - 12 drops of pure lime essential oil

    - 2 x natural T-bags

    - Dried Lavender



    1. Throw the oats and the powdered milk in the food processor and blitz until powdered. 

    2. Add 12 drops of lime essential oil and stir through the mix. 

    3. Fill your teabags ready your next bath. 

    4. Run a lovely hot bath and pop your T-bag in the tub. Work the oats and milk through the bag as you sit and relax. 

    5. Garnish you bath with dried lime and lavender... so pretty!