• White Choc Peppermint Buds with a Pop of Candy Cane

    If you are anything like us, the closer you come to Christmas, the more candy canes are found floating around the house. Not being a big candy cane fan myself, I have pulled this recipe together to give them a new lease on life. This recipe is incredibly basic.... the beauty is, the candy canes become like nougat in the white chocolate, giving it a completely different feel. These are lovely for after dinner treats with a cuppa and are adult enough to share with guests or gift to others. 

    You will need......

    - 100g white chocolate (we used buds)

    - 2 drops of pure peppermint essential oil

    - 1 large candy cane

    - Small chocolate moulds 


    1. In a double boiler, heat the chocolate to the point of melting while staring. Give the mix a minute or two to slightly cool.

    2. Add the drops of essential oil and mix them through the melted chocolate. 

    3. Crush the candy cane until it is in small crumbly pieces then add them to the chocolate mix and quickly stir through. 

    4. Scoop the mix into the chocolate moulds and then place in the fridge to cool.

    5. Once the chocolate has completely cooled, pop the chocolate out of the moulds and store in an airtight container until you are ready to consume them.

    6. We garnished ours with an extra sprinkle of crumbled candy cane (just to waste another one).