• BUZZ OFF! Fly Spray Recipe

    During this warm weather, we like to open all our windows and doors. Unfortunately at our house we are short on screens and it never ceases to amaze me how flies can smell meat as soon as it leaves the fridge. Soooo what do you do when you are cooking and have a lingering blowfly just waiting to pounce? This natural recipe doesn't kill flies (who wants a kitchen full of maggots) but it does deter them and if you get a couple of direct hits in, they will drop and you can scoop them up in a tissue and out the door. 


    - 45 drops Pure Peppermint essential oil. 

    - 10 drops of pure lime essential oil. 

    - 10 drops Pure eucalyptus essential oil. 

    - 1tbs Castile soap

    - Distilled water

    - 300ml amber glass bottle with trigger sprayer. 


    1. Add the essential oil components to your bottle. 

    2. Add the Castile soap to the bottle. 

    3. Fill bottle to the shoulder with distilled or filtered water. 

    4. Screw on trigger and shake until ingredients are well mixed. Keep on the ready. 

    5. Remember peppermint is a hot oil, keep it away from your eyes when spraying. 

    When you have a loitering blowfly shake the mix and spray directly at the fly. You must hit the fly with the spray. The more sprays you can get in the better, after 3 hits the fly should either drop or give up and remove itself from the area you are working in.  We find that a 300ml bottle with trigger works best as the spray width is wider however this recipe can also be made in a fine mist for travel (you just need better aim).