• Christmas Spice Foamer Recipe

    ** Christmas Spice Foamer Recipe**

    Think mince pies, hot summer nights and eggnog…….. these Christmas scents combine to create the essence of this recipe…..


    - 3tbs Castile Soap
    - 2tbs Fractionated Coconut Oil
    - 2tsp good quality Vanilla Essence
    - 15 drops of pure clove oil
    - 12 drops of pure cinnamon bark oil
    - 8 drops of pure pepper oil
    - Distilled water

    Combine the all above ingredients except for the distilled water in a 500ml foamer bottle. Top the mixture up with distilled water making sure to leave enough empty space at the top for the pump mechanism. Screw on the pump and give the mixture a gentle shake. Fill your bathroom with the spicy scent of Christmas every time you wash up. Your guests will never guess it’s hand made. x