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  • Cooks Kitchen Hand wash with Lemon, Cilantro and Bergamot

    This is the perfect hand wash to keep at the kitchen sink and use whilst cooking up delicious magic. The citric elements of this blend, mixed with the power of cilantro, create the perfect odour buster. They combat those stronger kitchen scents that may linger on the hands, not to mention the antibacterial properties kill off any nasties left on the hands after preparing meat or seafood. 


    10 drops of pure cilantro oil

    7 drops of pure lemon oil

    7 drops of pure Bergamot oil

    3/4 tablespoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil

    2 tablespoons of liquid Castile soap 

    Distilled water


    Combine all ingredients except the distilled water in a 300ml PET Foamer. 

    Pour in the distilled water to fill the bottle to the neck. 

    Screw on foamer top and give the mix a good shake. 

    (Don't forget, if it a new foamer you will need to pump it about 8 times to fill it with fluid before the foaming magic happens. )

    Complements to the Chef. x