• MERRY SHITMAS! - Christmas Toilet Perfume Bombs

    If you're wondering what to give someone that has it all this Christmas........

    If your 2020 had been a bit crappy .....

    If you have a joke Secret Santa to gift or a child moving out or someone has been naughty this year or...... you just want to gift a giggle. 

    These Merry Shitmas Toilet Bombs are the perfect gift. Just throw one in the toilet as the guests arrive at the door and the bathroom will literally smell of Christmas. 


    - 10 Drops of Pure Clove Essential Oil. 

    - 10 Drops of Pure Cinnamon  Essential Oil. 

    - 12 Drops of Pure Cedar Wood Essential Oil. 

    - 10 Drops of Pure Black Pepper Essential Oil.   

    - 12 Drops of Pure Orange Essential Oil.  

    - 170ml Bicarb Soda. (we measure in everything in a measuring jug, for ease)

    - 80ml Citric Acid.

    - Dried Cloves for garnish. 

    - Water in a fine mist spray bottle. 

    - Silicone mini muffin moulds 


    1.  Combine the dried ingredients into a bowl and stir. 

    2. Add the essential oils and stir through well

    3. With a fine mist spray bottle, lightly mist the bowl filled with mixture until it just starts to fizz then stir through the dampened mix. Repeat 3 times. 

    4. Place a small gum leaf in the bottom of each mould. Spoon mixture into the mould and push down till compacted tightly. 

    5.  Leave for 24 hrs to set before popping out of moulds. 

    6. Simply drop one or two in the toilet and let it sit for 5 min then give a little scrub and flush....or don't 

    This recipe makes 12 mini muffin sized bombs.  When gifting, we like to gift in a hessian bag with label tag so the recipient can smell the Christmas aromas. Store in an airtight container over longer periods of time.