• Simple Peppermint and Lime All Purpose Spray Recipe

    "Every time I wipe down the kitchen benches, the kids respond with a yum!" The greatness of this all purpose spray is that the lime essential oil provides  antibacterial and antiviral properties and the peppermint amplifies the lime properties and..... is antiseptic and  antimicrobial.  


    - 5 drops Pure Peppermint essential oil

    - 15 drops of Pure Lime essential oil

    - 1 tablespoon of Castile Soap 

    - Distilled water


    Add the essential oils and castile soap.  Fill the bottle with distilled water, shake and spray. 

    ***Don't forget, when you are cleaning without chemicals it may take more elbow grease. 

    Please don't spray vinegar through general grade triggers, If you need to use vinegar in your mix, we recommend the use of a chemical trigger.