• Antiviral Lemon Balm Lip Salve

    A simple natural salve to nourish the lips with antiviral properties to help fight the dreaded coldsore. 

    What you will need:

    • 8g extra virgin coconut oil
    • 12g grapeseed oil
    • 6g beeswax
    • 4g raw cocoa butter
    • 10 drops of pure Lemon Balm essential Oil (Melissa)


    1. Melt the wax, over medium-low heat in a Turkish coffee pot, double boiler, or a small pot with a pour spout. Add the oils and butter when the wax is liquefied and melt all of the ingredients together.
    2. Stir constantly and keep a watchful eye on the oils. You want them to just reach the melting point and not overheat.
    3. Fill jar halfway full and let cool slightly. This will set the bottom of the jar so that a hole doesn’t form in the top of the lip balm when cooled.
    4. Before the jar is starting to set, fill the rest of the way, so there is a convex curve on the top (be careful not to spill over the edges). When the lip balm cools, it will shrink so it should end up having a flat top. 

    Makes 1 x  30g jar of balm.