• Calming Lavender and Myrtle Bath Salts

    You can't help but exhale when you catch the scent of these bath salts. They are really easy to make, look super pretty and are packed with salt to soothe a tired body. 

    We have made ours as a gift in a 125ml Jar with timber spoon but the recipe is easily adapted for larger quantities. Now all you need is a good book and a glass of your favourite. 

    You will need...

    - 20 drops of pure Lemon myrtle essential oil. 

    - 13 drops of pure Lavender essential oil. 

    - Pink Himalayan rock salt

    - Epson Salts or magnesium flakes. 

    - Mixing bowl and spoon

    - Dried Lavender (optional)



    1. Using your 125ml jar as a measure, fill the jar to 3/4 full with epson salts then  the last 1/4 with pink salt. 

    2. Tip the salts out of the jar and into the bowl and mix. 

    3. Add the essential oils and dried lavender pieces. 

    4. Mix well and fill your jar with the completed salt mix. Top with extra dried lavender. 

    5. Tie your timber spoon around the neck of the jar with twine. Add a cute tag to identify the contents and gift with love.