• Candy Cane Scented Foot Scrub with Rock Salt

    Candy Cane Scented Foot Scrub with Rock Salt

    This foot scrub recipe is the perfect gift. It smells just like candy canes...... one of those Christmas scents to remind us childhood.

    Ingredients: ¼ cup of unfractionated coconut oil, most of a 175ml jar full of rock salt (approx. 1.25 cups) 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 5 drops of cinnamon. 3 x blackberries or freeze dried strawberries (for the red colour).
    1. Add coconut oil to a mixing bowl and sit it in the sink resting in a bath of hot water until the coconut oil becomes liquid.
    2. Add essential oils.
    3. Using your jar as a measure, fill it almost to the top with rock salt.
    4. Tip the salt into the mixing bowl and combine ingredients then scoop into your jar (we have chosen a writable label so that it is easy for the receiver of the gift to know what it is).

    ….Making the ‘red bits’ for your salt scrub…..
    Take 3 frozen blackberries and chop them into small pieces and mix them with a couple of teaspoons full of the dry rock salt. Pop the mix in the microwave for 15 seconds and melt the berries. Pull them out and mix the two to colour your salt then pop them in the oven on a foil tray on very low heat until the mixture dries out. Stir them through your mix for traditional candy cane colours. Alternatively if you are time poor, you could also chop up and use freeze dried strawberry pieces.

    5. Pop in the fridge for 5 minutes to set your scrub.
    Spoil a Friend, Sister, Mother, Teacher, Partner with this Christmas treat, you could even team it up with a cuticle balm. x