• Cool & Calm After Sun Spray

    Although every effort is taken  to stay sun safe... sometimes, just sometimes something goes amiss and you might find your skin has a pink tinge after an evening shower following a long day out in the sun. Here is the best DIY spray that will provide you with immediate relief and also will work with your skin to soothe, heal and restore. I keep a bottle of this spray in the fridge during summer - it's saved our sleep on a number of occasions, even if your skin is not burnt, it's great for a hot summers night, to relax your mind and give you a cooling feeling and help you drift off to sleep.

    Please note, this recipe includes peppermint oil, this oil has a calming effect but also known as a 'hot' oil so if using on kids, you can either reduce the amount or remove all together.

    What you will need:


    1. Fill your bottle with all ingredients.
    2. Shake gently before each use.
    3. Store in the fridge to make for an even more cooling effect when being used.