• Dad's Bad Boot Spray (with Spearmint and Tea Tree)

    Dad's Bad Boot Spray
    (with Spearmint and Tea Tree)
    Is there a situation at your house? Maybe Dad needs some Stinky Boot Spray for Father's Day?
    - 20 drops of Pure Spearmint Essential Oil
    - 25 drops of Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil
    - 1 drop of eco friendly dish detergent
    - Distilled water
    - 100ml amber glass fine mist spray bottle
    Add the essential oil to your amber glass spray mist bottle. Top up with distilled water and add 1 drop of detergent. Shake it with love and spray those bad boots. The Tea Tree oil is great for bacteria and fungus fighting and the spearmint has that minty freshness the boots (and feet) might just need. 💩
    Thank us later. x