• DIY Love Potion

    With Valentines day creeping up fast,  we have decided to make some love potion for the people in our lives. This could be used as a natural perfume or body mist to spray when setting intentions of love.

    You will need....

    - Approx. 20 drops of  pure clove essential oil. This can be created with any of your favourite oils but here are a few combinations that we love some are more floral, some fresh and some more grounded. 

    ** 7 drops of Rose Otto, 6 drops Clary, 6 drops Neroli. or... 

    **5 drops of coriander, 3 drops mandarin, 2 drop ginger, 2 drop Frank, 7 drops of sandalwood. 

    *** 7 drops of Wild Orange, 6 drops of Cedarwood, 6 drops of Bergamot

    - 1 drop of eco friendly dish detergent
    - Distilled water to fill your 30ml amber glass fine mist spray bottle.

    1. Add the essential oil to your spray bottle. 
    2. Top up will distilled water
    3. Add 1 drop of detergent
    4. Shake and spray with love :-)