• Easy DIY Cream Face Scrub - With Lotion Base

    We love making the most of our products. The Aroma Botanics Lemon Myrtle and  Red Cedar lotion is such a natural and clean every day moisturiser....... but did you know it is also a fantastic base for creating lotion based scrubs. 

    With the wind whipping the skin, a little polish here and there can really help remove the dead skin cells and freshen the face. This has been a saviour at our houses and is in weekly use as it takes only seconds to create. 


    - Aroma Botanics Lemon Myrtle and Red Cedar lotion. 

    - 60ml Amber Glass Jar with Bespoke Vinyl Scrub Label.

    - 1 flat teaspoon of ground pumice. 



    1. Fill your 60ml glass jar to the shoulder with Aroma Botanics Lotion. 

    2. Add 1 flat teaspoon of ground pumice to the jar.

    3. With a small spoon stir the mixture well until combined. 

    4. To use, wet the face, add a small pea sized amount of scrub to your face and gently rub. Remove with warm water. 

    *** For sensitive or mature skin, reduce the amount of pumice to a half a teaspoon.