• Kiddies Moisturising Bars

    With the winter wind whipping up and kids that suffer from dry skin issues, this project was a fun way to get my youngest moisturising her skin regularly. She loves colour and the thought of having her own products, I had also noticed that the Aroma Botanics Body Moisturising bar gave her relief from her eczema. 

    So we got making and created a product just for her. 


    - Mica of various colours of choice

    - 1 Aroma Botanics Body Moisturising Bar

    - Simple silicone moulds ( I used mini muffin trays but novelty chocolate moulds would also work well)


    1. In a double boiler, melt down the natural Aroma Botanics body balm bar and when liquid divide into separate containers. 

    2. Add a small amount of Mica to the mixes to create a variety of colours. 

    3. Tip into moulds and pop in the fridge to cool. Pop out and store in a kid friendly container or tin.