• Relaxing Chamomile and Wild Orange Body Scrub

    This relaxing body scrub is salt based, making it course enough to polish that dry winter skin. Salt based scrubs have a courser grit than sugar based scrubs. If your after a gentler body scrub substitute the salt for sugar. 

    The mix of chamomile and wild orange in this body scrub is lovely and a fantastic choice for your relaxing evening ritual. 

    You will need...

    1/2 cup fine sea salt

    1/8 cup of Fractionated Coconut Oil

    20 drops of pure Wild Orange essential oil

    15 drops of pure Chamomile essential oil

    125ml amber glass Jar and spoon


    1. Add the salt and fractionated coconut oil to a large mixing bowl and combine. 

    2. Add the orange and chamomile oils and mix thoroughly through the salts. 

    3. Add some dried chamomile flowers to the mix and stir through. 

    4. Fill a 125ml jar with your salt scrub, gift or enjoy the pampering.