• Simple Green and Peppermint Tea Face Toner Recipe

    Simple Green and Peppermint Tea Face Toner Recipe

    Green tea has a calming effect on skin and the cooling and refreshing properties of peppermint uplift the morning mood. This facial mist is best kept in the fridge and used after cleansing, finishing the routine with a great natural moisturiser or serum. 

    What you will need: 
    - 1 x Organic green tea bag
    - 1 x Organic peppermint tea bag
    - 2 x Cups of boiled water
    - 100ml amber glass mist spray bottle

    1. Infuse the Green tea in a mug of boiling water and the peppermint tea in a second mug of boiling water for 5 minutes. 
    2. Remove the tea bags and dispose, allow the tea to cool for 15 minutes. 
    3. Combine half of each batch into a glass bottle with spray mist top and place in the fridge to store. Pop the remainder of the tea into a glass jug for refilling throughout the week. 
    4. Once cooled shake and use on the face after cleansing. 
    5. Mist will last in the fridge for approx. 7 days then discard remainder.