• Steamy Valentine' Shower Melts

    Steamy Valentine' Shower Melts

    These shower steamers are so easy to create, you will have the perfect gift made with love for your Valentine come the 14th February and will only take a few moments. 

    Disclaimer: This recipe will ensure your Valentine's Day is as hot and steamy as an episode of 'Bridgerton'! If you're game read one... 

    What you will need:
    1 cup Baking Soda
    1/2 cup Citric Acid
    1-15 spritz of water (in an Aroma Bottles 100ml fine mist spray bottle)
    3 Tablespoons Dried Rose Petals (or your preferred dried flower/ herb)
    20 drops of Pure Geranium Essential Oil*
    15 drops of Pure Patchouli Essential Oil*
    Silicone Molds or regular tin moulds (sometimes I find it easier to gently knock the shower steamers out of than the soft silicon molds)

    *This is one of my fav blends, however Sarah isn't a massive fan of either of these oils so your oil blend included is really up to you. For a more masculine blend you could go for Petitgrain or Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Unlike bath bombs this recipes includes a more generous amount of essential oils as you are not soaking in the essential oil infused water, its not in contact with your skin in the shower as long as it is in the bath.

    1. Mix the baking soda and citric acid
    2. Add the dried floral petals/ herbs and mix gently
    3. Mix your pure essential oils
    4. Using one spritz at a time, spray water into the mixture. Mix as you go (so that you mixture doesn't fizz too much when the water is added). You’ll know there is enough water when a crumbly texture forms, but is still sticking together when you squeeze some in the palm of your hand
    5. Put into your molds, making sure to pat down firmly so it fills every little space of the mold
    6. Set aside to dry for a few hours or overnight and then slowly pop out your DIY Shower Steamers.

    To use: Place the DIY Shower Steamer either on any ledge of your shower or on the floor. If you place it on a ledge that doesn’t get wet, sprinkle some water on the steamer to get it started.

    Enjoy the scent and the aromatherapy benefits of these steamers as you do your shower duties.

    We suggest storing and gifting these in one of our gorgeous amber glass 500ml jars. They can be purchased here >