• The Benefits of Dry Brushing

     Unlike using body scrubs, shower brushes or sea sponges, dry brushing does more than just exfoliate our skin. Dry brushing increasing circulation  and stimulates the lymphatic system. Dry brushing your body for a few minutes a day or even just a couple of times a week can reach past the skin surface helping to detox the body

    To dry brush, begin at your feet with light pressure moving a in small circular motion. Brush in upwards strokes towards the heart,  moving the lymphatic flow towards the lymph ducts. Move up the legs past the ankles, calves, thighs and buttocks moving slowly with firm pressure. Brush up the abdomen towards the heart being cautious of any sensitive areas. The upper chest, back and décolletage is brushed downwards towards the heart. Finally work the brush up each of the arms front and back towards the shoulder. 

    We then choose to swap tools and complete the face with a face roller. 

    We hope you can find a little time to treat your body to the detoxing benefits of dry brushing.