Essential Oil DIY - Personal

  • Nourishing Eye Serum Roller

    This simple eye roller recipe is an every day staple in our house. Applied at night before bed on a clean face, the blend of essential oils and jojoba oil gently treats the delicate eye area.

    You Will Need

    - 3 drops of pure Frankincense essential oil

    - 3 drops of pure Lavender essential oil

    - 2 drop pure Lemon essential oil

    - 4 drops pure Myrrh essential oil

    - 2 drops pure Rose essential oil

    - Pure Jojoba oil


    1. Add the essential oils to a 10ml roller. 

    2. Top up with jojoba oil, apply the roller and cap and shake. 

    3. Use around the eyes before bed, being careful to avoid the eye as this mix might be stingy. 

    For super dry skin, our Aroma Botanics moisturising balm bar is perfect for applying over serums before bed for that extra lay of protection from the winter winds.


  • Strengthening Nail and Cuticle Oil

    Nails need a little strengthening? This beautiful oil blend treats the cuticles and nails,  soothing dry skin and promoting growth. For those with little nail biters, it's great for encouraging children to look after their hands. 

    You Will Need:

    1. 12 drops of pure frankincense essential oil

    2. 8 drops of pure lemon essential oil

    3. 5 drops of pure myrrh essential oil

    4. 6 drops of pure Tea Tree essential oil

    5. 1ml Vitamin E oil

    6. Top up with pure Jojoba oil


    Add the above to a 10ml roller and shake. Roll the cuticles twice a day and massage in. 

  • Easy DIY Cream Face Scrub - With Lotion Base

    We love making the most of our products. The Aroma Botanics Lemon Myrtle and  Red Cedar lotion is such a natural and clean every day moisturiser....... but did you know it is also a fantastic base for creating lotion based scrubs. 

    With the wind whipping the skin, a little polish here and there can really help remove the dead skin cells and freshen the face. This has been a saviour at our houses and is in weekly use as it takes only seconds to create. 


    - Aroma Botanics Lemon Myrtle and Red Cedar lotion. 

    - 60ml Amber Glass Jar with Bespoke Vinyl Scrub Label.

    - 1 flat teaspoon of ground pumice. 



    1. Fill your 60ml glass jar to the shoulder with Aroma Botanics Lotion. 

    2. Add 1 flat teaspoon of ground pumice to the jar.

    3. With a small spoon stir the mixture well until combined. 

    4. To use, wet the face, add a small pea sized amount of scrub to your face and gently rub. Remove with warm water. 

    *** For sensitive or mature skin, reduce the amount of pumice to a half a teaspoon. 


  • Kiddies Moisturising Bars

    With the winter wind whipping up and kids that suffer from dry skin issues, this project was a fun way to get my youngest moisturising her skin regularly. She loves colour and the thought of having her own products, I had also noticed that the Aroma Botanics Body Moisturising bar gave her relief from her eczema. 

    So we got making and created a product just for her. 


    - Mica of various colours of choice

    - 1 Aroma Botanics Body Moisturising Bar

    - Simple silicone moulds ( I used mini muffin trays but novelty chocolate moulds would also work well)


    1. In a double boiler, melt down the natural Aroma Botanics body balm bar and when liquid divide into separate containers. 

    2. Add a small amount of Mica to the mixes to create a variety of colours. 

    3. Tip into moulds and pop in the fridge to cool. Pop out and store in a kid friendly container or tin.