• How Much Vinegar?

    We all know vinegar has been used in cleaning for many many years because of it's germ and mould killing properties, however in large doses it's also great at killing your plastic triggers!

    Vinegar makes plastic swell and metal rust, and you guessed it, your triggers sprays are made out of just that so it's no surprise that using vinegar will ensure your triggers swell, clogging them up and or making the spray mechanism very stiff and drippy. 

    So how much vinegar is a friendly amount in your household cleaning sprays? There are many essential oils such as, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree just to name a few that treat mould and kill germs really effectively, so some could question if we need the vinegar in our natural DIY cleaning mixtures at all. 

    Trigger sprayers work hard around our homes and are a disposable item (unlike our beautiful amber glass bottles, and why we love using them with our essential oils). For your convenience, you are now able to purchase just the triggers in a twin pack as well as our more heavy duty chemical resist triggers. If your recipe includes vinegar, chemical triggers are a must!!