• Sustainability V’s Indestructibility

    There seems to be a common misconception that because we are choosing sustainable goods they should last longer than their non-sustainable counterparts, but…is this realistic???

    The rising movement towards making more sustainable and environmentally conscious choices in our daily lives is one to be commended.

    We are not only seeing this in everyday homes but more and more through hospitality and commercial industry. Choosing refillable glass bottles for hand wash, cleaning and personal products allows us to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use every day.

    But, we must remember that we are not reducing the workload of these products….. in fact, we are increasing it considerably.

    Where we once may have used a trigger, pump or spray for 6 -8 weeks and then thrown it out, we are now expecting our closures to last a lifetime.

    Although the glassware we are choosing has an infinite lifespan, the working components of our containers still require moving plastic parts which, no matter what we do, break down with time and use weakening further with the addition of essential oils.

    The good news is…. We provide replacement triggers and pumps for our bottles for when they do need replacing.

    Please also take some time to review our Terms and Conditions of sale before purchase.


    ** Don’ forget…. it is important to check your order is correct and functioning well upon delivery.