Essential Oil Tips, Tricks & Information

  • Escaping to Your Dreams with Essential Oils.


    Feeling a little like I’ve had my wings clipped lately, I decided to look into other ways to escape life or enhance a feeling of freedom during lockdown.

    I turned to the power of dreams and lucid dreaming.

    I have always been an active dreamer, flight, messages, travelling, vivid scenarios and feelings have been a feature my whole life.

    Lately, I have looked into the use of essential oils to enhance the dream state and to aid in lucid dreaming. My findings were certainly interesting….

     A study by Marquis d’Hervey Saint-Denys (19th Century) revealed that specific smells could directly affect dream content. They are also (as many of us know) tied to our emotions that are linked to certain locations, people, memories and points of time. This also suggests that dreams can be manipulated and maybe even controlled through scents and essential oils.

    In 2008 another study was done where volunteers were exposed to two different smells while sleeping. Rotten eggs and rose. The rotten eggs resulted in negative dreams and the rose promoted more positive ones. This result was the same in almost 100% of participants.

     The following oils are fantastic for creating sleep blends, supporting sleep in a variety of ways.  

     Clary Sage – Aids relaxation and helps reduce anxiety

    Mugwort- Promotes out of body, helps boost memory and keeps you in a conscious dream state for longer.

    Rose – Promotes relaxation and groundedness before bed.

    Lavender – Encourages deep sleep and is a mild sedative

    Sandalwood –  Can increase melatonin, heightens intuition, boost memory and promotes mental clarity.

    Rosemary – Aids memory recall and cognition.

    Peppermint – Increases concentration and reduces negative thoughts

    Valerian Root – Can induce lucid dreaming, intensify dreams, aids sleep onset

    Jasmine – Similar affects to lavender

    Clove – Can promote restfulness, relieve anxiety, combats fatigue and promote positivity

    Frankincense – Spiritually uplifting, improves recall, impacts dream clarity

    Angelica Root – Known to enhance clairvoyance, removes bad energy protects from nightmares

    Chamomile – Is soothing, sleep educing, releases depression and insomnia.

    Lemon Balm – Can induce more active dream states, promotes relaxation and is calming.

    Helichrysum – Has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes inner calm

    Patchouli – Good for pre-bed lucid dream routine, can relieve nervous tension

     Based on the research, a good sleep blend is a personal thing. It should combine oils that can help with relaxation, cognition, recall, reduce anxiety and promote deep sleep but it is also important that it smells good to you. The scent of the blend you create should be a scent you enjoy so that it can impact your dreams positively. Whether you diffuse while sleeping or combine your blend with a carrier oil and roll before bed, essential oils can effectively influence your experience.

    Happy Dreaming.

  • Using Commercial Foaming Hand Wash

    Every beautiful foamer sold comes with our simple DIY recipe. We recommend this mix as it will give the best result and longest life from your foamer. It is also cost effective and gentle on the skin. 

    The ingredients contained within commercial soap products are often harsh, low in lubricant and can include products such as citric acid. Our manufacturing engineers have suggested that such ingredients can effect the mechanisms within metal foaming pumps. 

    If you do choose to use these ready made foaming products (including On Guard hand wash) please understand that there is a chance that your foamer will not perform at it's peak level and we will not be held responsible for this type of use. 

  • Post in a Pandemic

    Post in a Pandemic (without Super Hero Powers!)

    Within Australia we use road transport and getting post from one state to another is currently very tricky. The need for permits and backlog of post due to COVID are slowing down the process and this means that your order will take a little longer to get to you.
    Put simply, when a parcel leaves our warehouse it makes a number of stops:
    1. From our warehouse it then travels by road to a sorting facility (currently delayed due to high volume of parcels)
    2. Then the parcel travels from our local sorting facility to the closest delivery depot to your location and is sorted once more (again delays due to high demand)
    3. The parcel is then scheduled for delivery from depot to the final destination - you! Note: If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful remote or rural area your local delivery person will probably be taking over the run and this will also add time to delivery.
    So as you can see your parcel has to make quite the journey with multiple pit stops along the way. So please be patient during this time and if you do have concerns about the whereabouts of your parcel, please follow these steps:
    1. Check the delivery tracking link provided to you via email from Aroma Bottles 
    2. If your tracking indicates your parcel is in transit, then it most likely is and hopefully it will be with you shortly
    3. If you suspect for some reason that the parcel may be lost or it says that it has been delivered but you have not received it, select the 'missing parcel investigation' button on the tracking page 
    4. Once you have launched an investigation, the Sendle team will start looking into where your parcel is and do their best to get it to you asap, however please be mindful that with so many more parcels being delivered around the country at the moment, the sendle support team are experiencing a higher than usual number of customer enquires and so again your patience is appreciated.  
    Please remember that Aroma Bottles have no control over the postal system and although we will do everything possible to liaise on your behalf, the result will often be to wait until the courier arrives at the door.
    We are doing our best to process orders as quickly as possible from our end and get your goodies moving as fast as we can but we request that you please be patient with the delivery system while is it is under the strain of the pandemic.
    Thank you once again for continued patience.
    Sarah and Tanya x
  • Castile Ain't Castile!

    Did you know there is a world of difference from one brand of Castile soap to the next? Not all Castile foams the same way or smell the same, which is important to consider when making foaming soap and hand wash recipes. If you aren't getting the bubbles or scent you deserve, consider tweaking your Castile content.