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  • Your Raw Ingredients Cheat Sheet

    Your Raw Ingredients Cheat Sheet

    No need to spend lots of money on basic raw ingredient……in fact, many can be found in the stores we might visit each week. Bunnings, Woolworths and Coles sell some of the most used raw ingredients and they are REALLY CHEAP!!

    This is a great place to purchase your Bicarb Soda, borax and salt, you just need to know what to look for as they can sometime come packaged differently.  
    Bicarb Soda (external usage) | $12 for 2kg | Shop Now
    Borax | $8 for 1kg | Shop Now
    Bulk Fine Salt | $9.98 for 25kg | Shop Now
    FCO can be found in the health food isle and Washing Soda in the laundry section (often low on the shelf).
    Fractionated Coconut Oil | $13.00 for 500ml | Shop Now 
    Washing Soda | $3.85 for 1kg | Shop Now 
    Has great prices on Epson Salts and matches Coles on the cost of Washing Soda.
    Epsom Salts | $6.00 for 1kg | Shop Now
    Washing Soda | $3.85 for 1kg | Shop Now
    These guys have great prices on bulk raw ingredients. We like to get our friends and family together so that we can buy in real bulk and split it. This saves on product and shipping.  These guys have almost everything!
    Liquid Castile Soap | $17.00 for 1L | Shop Now

    Citric Acid | $7.20 for 1kg | Shop Now

    Organic Shea Butter* | $22.00 for 500g | Shop Now
    *refined using steam processing, not hexane, ensuring it's clean

    Bees Wax Pellets | $22.00 for 500g | Shop Now


  • Sustainability V’s Indestructibility

    There seems to be a common misconception that because we are choosing sustainable goods they should last longer than their non-sustainable counterparts, but…is this realistic???

    The rising movement towards making more sustainable and environmentally conscious choices in our daily lives is one to be commended.

    We are not only seeing this in everyday homes but more and more through hospitality and commercial industry. Choosing refillable glass bottles for hand wash, cleaning and personal products allows us to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use every day.

    But, we must remember that we are not reducing the workload of these products….. in fact, we are increasing it considerably.

    Where we once may have used a trigger, pump or spray for 6 -8 weeks and then thrown it out, we are now expecting our closures to last a lifetime.

    Although the glassware we are choosing has an infinite lifespan, the working components of our containers still require moving plastic parts which, no matter what we do, break down with time and use weakening further with the addition of essential oils.

    The good news is…. We provide replacement triggers and pumps for our bottles for when they do need replacing.

    Please also take some time to review our Terms and Conditions of sale before purchase.


    ** Don’ forget…. it is important to check your order is correct and functioning well upon delivery.

  • Amber Glass Drams V’s Amber Glass Rollers – The Big Debate

    Did you know that it takes 30 drops of essential oil to fill a 1ml Dram? 1ml Rollers however, take 2 drops of essential oil and are topped up with FCO! The people we share with can then begin using the oils immediately and there is no need to worry about misuse with hot oils. So……lets talk cost. A single empty Dram will cost around 98c and a 1ml Roller around $1.20. Rollers are more expensive but……. how much is your oil worth? Personally, we like to share with purpose and find we help more people through immediate application. Drams filled with precious oils that roll around in the forgotten space at the bottom of handbags can be a very sad reality. 
  • How Much Vinegar?

    We all know vinegar has been used in cleaning for many many years because of it's germ and mould killing properties, however in large doses it's also great at killing your plastic triggers!

    Vinegar makes plastic swell and metal rust, and you guessed it, your triggers sprays are made out of just that so it's no surprise that using vinegar will ensure your triggers swell, clogging them up and or making the spray mechanism very stiff and drippy. 

    So how much vinegar is a friendly amount in your household cleaning sprays? There are many essential oils such as, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree just to name a few that treat mould and kill germs really effectively, so some could question if we need the vinegar in our natural DIY cleaning mixtures at all. 

    Trigger sprayers work hard around our homes and are a disposable item (unlike our beautiful amber glass bottles, and why we love using them with our essential oils). For your convenience, you are now able to purchase just the triggers in a twin pack as well as our more heavy duty chemical resist triggers. If your recipe includes vinegar, chemical triggers are a must!!