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  • Cheats Choc Peppermint Brownies - Great Hack For the Mum with No Time to Cook

    Ok...... So if you're anything like us, you are juggling work, house, kids and homeschooling. Who has time to bake? 

    We have to give credit where it is due and Donna Hay, your packet mixes are awesome!

    This recipe is a packet mix and some pure peppermint oil but shhhhh, you wouldn't know. It literally takes 5 minutes to make and straight in the oven. 

    You will need: 

    1 x Donna Hay - molten chocolate brownie mix box. 

    2 x eggs

    125g Unsalted butter

    5 drops of pure Peppermint Essential Oil. 


    Follow the instructions on the back of the pack and add peppermint oil and mix well before adding chocolate chunks. 

    Tip - If you cut these brownies small they will last a good while. They are super rich so small brownies are more than enough to keep the cravings at bay. 


  • Calming Escape Roller With Lemon Myrtle, Orange and Cedar

    If Lavender is too pretty and other calming blends are too earthy, this blend uses the power of Orange, Cedar-Wood and Lemon Myrtle essential oils to calm the spirit. Orange essential oil helps promote a sense of optimism and the Lemon Myrtle helps reduce anxiety and Cedar-Wood relaxes the body. 

    Simply add the following to a 10ml amber glass roller....

    - 6 drops of pure Orange essential oil. 

    - 2 drops of pure Cedar-wood essential oil. 

    -  4 drops of pure Lemon Myrtle Oil

    -  Fractionated coconut oil to fill




  • DIY Hand Sanitiser Gel with Alcohol and Essential Oils

    If you are looking for a strong, natural hand sanitising gel recipe this one is a beauty! It combines the Antibacterial and Antiviral properties of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Cinnamon with the germ killing elements of Witch hazel and Alcohol. The Aloe Vera base is gentle on the hands. 


    - 8 drops of pure tea tree essential oil

    - 6 drops of pure peppermint essential oil

    - 3 drops of pure cinnamon essential oil.

    - 15ml of Aloe Vera gel. 

    - 10ml Witch Hazel

    - 25ml Vodka. 

    - 50ml amber glass bottle with serum pump 

    - Large syringe. 


    1. In a small cup, add the aloe, witch hazel and vodka and stir until combined. 

    2. Add the essential oils to the mix and stir. 

    3. Use the syringe to transfer the mix to the 50ml Amber glass bottle. 

    4. If the mix thickens over time through heat or evaporation, it can be thinned by adding a little extra vodka. 

    The 50ml bottle is a great size for keeping in the handbag or car and is easy to refill and reuse. 




  • Ye Olde Fashioned Honey and Lemon Sore Throat Remedy

    As a little girl my Dad would always make me a Honey and Lemon drink if my throat was sore. This is a twist on his recipe and calls for Manuka Honey instead of basic Capilano and Pure Lemon Oil instead of lemon juice. Our 8 year old can't help but chew cough lollies so whenever she has a sore throat this is our go to... works a treat!


    - 1/3 teaspoon of Manuka (we use medium strength)

    - 1 drop of pure lemon essential oil (food grade)

    - Warm water


    1. Fill a small cup with warm water. 

    2. Stir in the honey until it completely dissolves.

    3. Add one drop of pure Lemon essential oil and stir. 

    4. Drink through a paper or sustainable straw as the lemon oil can sometimes sting the lips. 

    Feel better. x