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  • Gardeners Hand Scrub

    This DIY makes the perfect gift for garden lovers with it's appealing fresh and uplifting aroma, it's effectiveness in gently scrubbing, cleaning and nourishing hands. Our kids had fun making this on the weekend for their grand parents the neighbour.


    What you will need:
    ¼ cup of un-fractionated coconut oil
    26 drops of lemon myrtle essential oil
    4 drops of cypress essential oil
    Most of a 175ml jar full or raw sugar (approx. 1.25 cups)
    A 175ml jar

    1. Add coconut oil to a mixing bowl and sit it in the sink resting in a bath of hot water until the coconut oil becomes liquid
    2. Add essential oils (smelling as you go, feel free to add more or less to suit your preference)
    3. Using your jar as a measure, fill it almost to the top with raw sugar
    4. Tip the sugar into the mixing bowl and combine ingredients then scoop into your jar
    5. Pop in the fridge for 5 minutes to set your scrub

  • Spicy Christmas Room Spray

    Here’s a little Christmas goodness to fill your room spray bottles with...

    What you need….
    7 Drops of pure ginger essential oil
    6 Drops of pure black pepper essential oil
    5 Drops of pure cinnamon bark essential oil
    6 Drops of pure clove essential oil
    1 drop of eco friendly dish detergent
    Distilled water to fill your 100m amber glass fine mist spray bottle.

    1. Add the essential oil to your spray bottle. 
    2. Top up will distilled water
    3. Add 1 drop of detergent
    4. Shake and spray with love :-)
  • Ginger-nut Fudge Slice

    Holy Fudge this slice is good!!!!!

    We may be fudging you over it being real fudge but….. it definitely has a fudge like quality. Not to mention, it’s really easy!

    50 grams of grass fed butter (you can use coconut oil for vegan but won’t be as Caramely. )
    1 cup of almond meal
    1 cup of pitted dates
    ½ cup of buckwheat kernels
    1tsp vanilla extract
    1/2tsp sea salt
    3 drops of pure ginger essential oil.
    1/3 block of chocolate

    Melt butter and blend with dates in your food processor until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and process until combined. Press into a small container and pop into the fridge to set. 
    Melt chocolate in short bursts in the microwave until runny and tip over your fudgy mixture and sprinkle with buckwheat kernels. 
    Refrigerate or freeze until set, serve when firm.

    The whole family will think this slice is fudging amazing! We do. x

  • Christmas Essential Oil Scented Pine Cones

    Nature's beautiful solution to a sustainable, woodsy Christmas hanging decoration. A delightful way to scent your rooms, either hanging off hooks, door knobs or the humble tree. 

    The cones need to be soaked for at least one hour but preferably overnight, in 150ml water with up to 25 drops of essential oil. Choose highly odoriferous essences such as ginger, clove, cinnamon, geranium or patchouli. Another good choice may be cedar-wood as it is a longer lasting oil. To keep the cones fragrant, you will need to soak them every 7 to 12 days. Left over fragrant water can be strained into a diffuser for use. x