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  • Chocolate and Orange Macadamia Rabbit Pellets

    These may be a little deceiving (ba ha ha) but they are amazing. They are made with 85% dark chocolate, Pure Orange essential oil and roasted, salted macadamia nuts...... a great reduced sugar alternative. If your kids are anything like ours the poo reference will have them in stitches!  


    - 1 cup of roasted, salted macadamia nuts

    - 60g of dark chocolate

    - Pure orange essential oil. 


    1. Break your chocolate up into small pieces and place in a small bowl. Microwave the chocolate in 30 sec bursts until melted. Stir between bursts. Add essential oil.

    2. Once the Chocolate has melted, tip in the nuts and mix until they are well coated. 

    3. Scoop the covered nuts out and onto a baking paper covered tray and pop in the fridge to cool. 

    Enjoy these little treats this Easter and forgive the rabbit for it's bad manners. 



  • Peppermint, Sage and Cedar Foaming Face Wash

    This Foaming Facial Wash is the perfect pick me up in the morning. It leaves your face tingly fresh with the hint of pure peppermint essential oil to help you wake up and get focused. 

    We have made it in one of our 100ml Foaming bottles with writable Bespoke 'Face' label. It delivers good foam for face washes and is compact for easy storage. 


    - 9 drops Pure Clary Sage Essential Oil

    - 4 drops Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

    - 4 drops Pure Cedar Wood Essential Oil

    - 2 Teaspoons Castile Soap

    - 1 teaspoon Unscented Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba or other carrier oil of choice.  

    - Distilled water


    Add essential oils, Castile soap and  FCO to the 100ml bottle. Top the rest of the bottle up to the shoulder with distilled water. Attach foamer top and shake. 

    Use 5 - 8 pumps to wash the face as part of your morning beauty routine. 

    Don't Forget.... .peppermint can be hot, keep away from your eyes. 


    Sarah and Tanya. x 



  • Moroccan Butter Bean Dip With Lemon Oil

    Entertaining or creating lunchbox treats? This dip is sooooo delicious and easy to make. It's super smooth and loved by even the non-hummus eaters. The addition of lemon oil gives this recipe a little hint of lemon without the bitterness. Serve with crackers bread or freshly cut veggie dippers for the perfect healthy snack. 


    - 1 tin of butterbeans and a little of their juice

    - 1 spoon of minced garlic 

    -1/2 tsp freshly chopped oregano

    - 1/2 tsp cumin

    -  Drizzle of olive oil

    - 2 drops of pure lemon essential oil

    - Sea salt and ground pepper to taste. 


    1. Drain butterbeans and keep the juice for later

    2. Fry the garlic in olive oil until brown. 

    3. Finely chop the fresh oregano 

    4. In a small food processor, add the oregano, beans, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and a  little of the bean juice. Blend until smooth. Add more bean juice and blend to create the preferred consistency. 

    5. Use extra oregano and a little paprika (if you love the spice) as a garnish for your yummy dip when entertaining. x

  • Seductive Bath Soak

    We value Valentine's Day now more than we ever have. We appreciate any excuse to spend some quality time with our hubby's and to press pause on our busy schedules and do something special for each other. We know we should do this more often but you know.. kids, work, life gets in the way sometimes!

    This simple, seductive and sensual (but not too feminine) soak recipe is perfect for Valentine's Day. In this recipe we choose to use our Aroma Bottles bath T-bags (so there is no gritty tub residue left after using salts) however you could also make up this mixture and store in any container really.


    • 5 Pack of bath T-bags
    • 10 tablespoons of Epsom salts
    • 6 teaspoons of rock salt
    • 6 teaspoons of Bicarb soda
    • 12 drops of pure Bergamot oil
    • 8 drops of pure Patchouli oil

    How to:

    1. Add the dry ingredients to a small mixing bowl. 
    2. Mix dry ingredients. 
    3. Add the essential oils and mix well.
    4. You may wish to add some dried flowers or tea for effect.
    5. Spoon mixture into bags or into a jar of your choice.

    This recipe makes 5 x bath t-bags. Happy Soaking!