• 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar DIY



    Create an eco-friendly 12 days of Christmas DIY gift for friends and family, filled with all natural ready-made Aroma Botanics products in a perfect smaller size and essential oil infused rollers, soaks, perfumes, bath fizzers, balms and more. 

    For this project I picked up a long piece of driftwood and some Spinifex (the star looking thing I attached to the driftwood) when we took a walk on the beach. You will also need some twin, fabric ribbon or strips of fabric for tying around the tops of your little bags of goodies and attaching these bags from your stick.

    I created this for a friend, and included a great selection of all natural products to support her through the festive season, these included:

    Day 1 - Diffuser Ornaments with a Festive Essential Oil Blend (to decorate the house, pop on the tree or hang in the car and get her in the festive mood)

    Day 2 - Aroma Botanics Festive Lotion (her skin will be smelling so yummy like Cinnamon, Ginger and Orange, the perfect Christmas blend + all natural ingredients). I used one of three lotions in the Triple Set, and use the other two for gifts for other people.

    Day 3 - DIY Spiced Wine Sachet (to create a delicious spiced wine to enjoy with friends or by herself as she decorates the tree or watches her favourite Christmas movie). Get the recipe here.

    Day 4 - Aromatic Dressing Bowl Set (including a ceramic dressing bowl and fractioned coconut oil, for adorning her body with essential oils each day for self-love and relaxation, such a lovely ritual for this busy time of year)

    Day 5 -  Refreshing Face Atomiser Mist (Perfect for the party season, when you need a little pick-me-up between work and catchups. Fill a great hand bag sized 50ml amber glass atomiser with 10 drops of peppermint essential oils and perhaps a couple of drops of sweet orange essential oil too, a drop of natural and unscented liquid soap or detergent (acts as a dispersant for oils in water) and then fill bottle to top with demineralised water (or double boiled water from the kettle)

    Day 6 - DIY Christmas All Natural Bath Fizzer (so fun and a great way to melt away your 2021 troubles and relax with some old timer Christmas tunes in the background). Get the recipe here.

    Day 7 - 'Keep Calm' 10ml Essential Oil Roller, for when she has a big day of Christmas Shopping ahead or the anxiety of hosting a family Christmas Bash starts to build. Simply add 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of Clary Sage and then fill a 10ml roller bottle to top with fractionated coconut oil and your done!

    Day 8 - Natural Candy Cane Foot Soak (Use in the bath or in a bucket to simply soak tired feet after dancing the night away at a Christmas Party). Get the recipe here.

    Day 9 - All Natural Perfume, in our vintage inspired Dahlia Roller Bottle. Fill with 10-15 drops of your favourite essential blend and to the top with fractionated coconut oil or carrier oil of your choice. Natural perfume all the way and be rid of the nasty synthetic ingredients in regular perfume.

    Day 10 - Christmas Room Spray, to set the Christmas mood when you walk into the room. Get the recipe here.

    Day 11 - Aroma Botanics Body Balm Bar, perfect for moisturising the skin naturally and infused with pure lemon myrtle and red cedar pure essential oils, this bar is also wonderful for soothing skin irritations perhaps caused by pesky insect bites, but eating the wrong foods or too much sun!

    Day 12 - 'Silent Night' Sleepy-Time Pillow Spray, to keep by the bedside and spray on her pillow for a restful sleep, ready to bounce out of bed come Christmas Day. Add essential oils to a 10ml Primrose Spray Bottle to promote sleep (think Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile etc) and fill with fractionated coconut oil or carrier oil of your choice.

    For the 1 - 12 number tags that I used for this project, you can download for free and print at home to recreate for a friend or family member this Christmas.