• 'Oh Christmas Tree' Bath Fizzers

    Bath fizzes are always a fun treat for the kids. They also lend themselves to being a great addition to advent calendars and bon bon surprises. 

    They are simple to make and store well in glass container for continued use. With only 4 drops of peppermint oil,  these fizzes are gentle so not too full on for  the kiddos at bath time.

    You will need...

    - 1 cup of baking Soda

    - 1/2 cup of citric acid

    - 1/3 cup of arrowroot powder (can be omitted if you don have on hand)

    - Green and pink mica powder 

    - Silicone moulds


    - 4 drops of Pure Peppermint Essential Oil


    How to make...

    1. Add the dry ingredients to a large bowl. 

    2. Add the essential oils and stir well to combine. 

    3. If you would like to colour your fizzers, now is the time to divide your mixture and add a little colour.  

    4. Spray a little water into the mix and then stir quickly to avoid a reaction. Repeat this step a couple of times until the mixture looks like damp sand and forms when pressed together. 

    5.  Scoop your mixture into the mould pressing down firmly as a spoon until well compacted. 

    6. Let the mix dry for 24 - 48hrs to harden. 

    Before use, run a full bath. Our kids love to hold these while they dissolve in their hards.