• Sand Cast Diffuser Ornaments

    These little sand ornaments are so easy to make, the children really enjoyed casting treasures from around the house. The shells were a particular favourite and look cute as a vignette with other treasures from the shores. 

    You will need....

    - A bucket of sand

    - Treasures to cast

    - Plaster of Paris

    - A shallow baking dish

    - A spray bottle with water in it

    How to....

    1.  Take the sand and mist it with water until damp but still has form. 

    2. Fill your baking dish with at least 2cm of sand and flatten on the top. 

    3. Press your treasures into the sand firmly like a stamp and remove to create shapes. 

    4. Mix up the Plaster of Paris powder with some water as per instruction and then tip gently into the stamped shapes.

    5. Allow plaster to dry (it will be firm and cool) and remove from the sand mould.

    6. Dry sand casts in the sun until fully dried out.

    7. Drip your favourite oil blend on your sand casts to diffuse. We use Cedar and Bergamot.