Free Trigger Spray Upgrade

Receive a free upgrade to an Aroma Bottles "Chemical Resist" trigger spray when you purchase any 300ml amber glass, 375ml PET or 500ml bottle with regular trigger spray between Monday 26th October 2020 and Wednesday 28th October.
Why customers love a 'chemical resist' trigger spray? Although they may be 'the ugly ducklings' of our triggers....here purpose trumps looks.  Trigger sprayers are not designed for use with oils or vinegar and although our glass bottles may last us forever, our trigger heads are definitely a disposable item. We can't guarantee that these triggers are vinegar resistant (and neither can any trigger manufacturer) but they are the best chemical triggers in Aust. and tougher than our everyday triggers. This means that they should have a longer shelf life.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your free upgrade is applied automatically when you purchase above mentioned products within the sale period. If you do not wish to receive a free upgrade from regular trigger to the chemical resist trigger spray, please include this in the notes of your order when confirming your purchase. If you do not, we can not swap triggers once your order is confirmed.