Our Story

In a nutshell, this is the story of us and our essential oil journey towards a more sustainable and chemical free lifestyle and how Aroma Bottles came to be... enjoy!
Dedicated & motivated mums, wives, friends and wine club members, like most of us, we just want the the best for our families and friends (....if it's affordable, quick, easy and looks good!)
At school drop off on a rainy Monday, we should have been listening to the principal address the school at assembly. Instead, one of us running after a dare-devil toddler and the other with a baby strapped to her chest bobbing up and down, we passionate spoke (whispered) of our struggle to get our hands on good quality amber containers, the outrageous price of shipping on so many sites, and the fact that so many popular items were out of stock, not to mention, the difficulty of finding everything we need in the one place. Can't be that hard, can it??? And so, the Aroma Bottles seed was planted...
Like so many, we are essential oil enthusiasts and "DIY-ers". Super mums by no stretch however, we do make our own natural home cleaning products and self care essentials. After discovering essential oils and their amazing benefits and learning how darn easy it is for each and every one of us to reduce our toxic load, we committed.
Making your own products can seem a little daunting and it’s tough to create
home made soaps and sprays that look anything other than……..basic. That is
why we have worked hard to create beautiful, bespoke labels that make
going green easy. On them we have printed the recipes we use and love in our
homes and look forward to sharing them with you and your family.
Thanks for stopping by and please if you require bulk amounts of stock for building your own essential oil, sustainable or other type of business, please contact us for wholesale or bulk pricing and if we don't stock an amber glass product that you would like, please let us know, we do our very best to keep our customers happy and chances are if you want it, so do others!
With gratitude - Sarah & Tanya xx