Frequently Asked Questions


My Trigger Sprayers Have stopped Spraying???

99.9% of the time this is due to the mixture being sprayed.

We all know vinegar has been used in cleaning for many many years because of it's germ and mould killing properties, however it's also great at killing your plastic triggers!

Vinegar makes plastic swell and metal rust, and you guessed it, your triggers sprays are made out of just that so it's no surprise that using vinegar will ensure your triggers swell, clogging them up and or making the spray mechanism very stiff and drippy.

So how much vinegar is a friendly amount in your household cleaning sprays? Sorry, but the simple answer is none. Unfortunately we cannot recommend vinegar use in our regular triggers and can't be responsible for triggers that stop working due to vinegar use. 

There are many essential oils such as, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree just to name a few that treat mould and kill germs really effectively, so some could question if we need the vinegar in our natural DIY cleaning mixtures at all. 

Trigger sprayers work hard around our homes and are a disposable item (unlike our beautiful amber glass bottles, and why we love using them with our essential oils). For your convenience, you are now able to purchase just the triggers in a twin pack as well as our more heavy-duty chemical resist triggers. Our chemical resistant triggers have proven to have a longer lifespan when used with vinegar.


Sending to Parcel and PO Boxes

Unfortunately, our courier can’t deliver to P.O or Parcel boxes as they are owned by Australia Post. If possible, could you please select an alternative address either at work or home that we can deliver your goodies to.


Bulk and Wholesale Pricing

We love supporting business' with the following wholesale discounts on our hand selected beautiful range of amber bottles and containers: 

20% discount on our 'Collections Range'

15% discount on our amber bottles and containers with generic vinyl decals (inc. gift sets such as 'powder room duo)

10% discount on our plain amber bottles and containers

5% discount on amber glass foamers.


Please note, the above discounts are applicable on retail prices as presented on our website, and can not be used in conjunction with other offers/ promotions (unless otherwise advised). In order to qualify for our wholesale discounted pricing we require a minimum order value of $350 and an active ABN. 


If you have any queries regarding the above or anything else, please just let us know as we would love to work with you to find a great solution for your quality amber bottle needs. 

Can I Buy Your Labels Separately?


The cost of our labels is supplemented in the price of our bottles. We pride ourselves on choosing quality over cheaper labelling options.  For this reason, we cant sell our labels separately but do offer them for only $1 extra on the price of our blank bottles.


Do We Create Custom labels?


We are so busy packing orders, hosting shopping nights and spending time with our customers that there is just no time for custom labels. There are plenty of fantastic designers and graphic artists around that would loooove the opportunity to create your brand.

How Do I Get the Best Foam from My Foamer?

We recommend our own foaming soap recipes to be used in our foamers. We know that these recipes have been tried and tested and that they work. There are plenty of commercial foaming soaps but we cannot guarantee you will achieve the same quality of foam from these.  Foamers work from their ability to airate the liquid while being pumped. If the liquid is too thick there will be an effect on the foam. Lastly, sometimes through construction or use the dip tube that sits down inside the bottle can become forced up inside the bell of the pump. It is good practice to wiggle these out slightly when refilling your foamer.

Where are we Located?

We are located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Collaroy.

Do We Have a Shop?

We have a shopping night most months with bubbles to browse with. It’s a great opportunity to come and check out our products as well as to mingle with other Oily’s. Our shop however is disguised as our warehouse at all other times and so not open every day. If you would like to arrange a private shopping night please contact us.

Where Can I Find Good Recipe?

We post our favourite recipes on social media and our website. Check out the DIY and Recipe tab.


How do I Release My Lotion Pump?

Some pumps can be tricky to unlock the first time they are used.  This is because in factories where bottles are being filled and sent, the closure needs to be tight in order to guarantee that there will be no spills in transportation. If you are having trouble releasing your pump from its factory lock, the easiest way is to take the pump off the bottle. Take a tea towel and hold the pump tight just under the screw neck and turn the spout of the pump in the open direction marked on the pump spout. The tea towel should increase your grip and ensure that the rest of the pump doesn’t move when unlocking the nozzle. The spout should then unlock and pop up for use.


Why Is it Tougher to get oil out of 1ml and 2ml Drams than 5ml Droppers?


Our 1ml and 2ml drams are of great quality and have the pin stopper in the top to protect from leaking. Unfortunately like all drams on the market, they have their limitations.

These tiny bottles with tiny neck sizes need some persuasion to get a drop out.  A tap or shake will generally do the trick. We agree, this can be a little annoying, but we are working against physics on this one. In a bottle smaller than a 5ml dropper, there just isn’t enough weight in the small amount of oil to push it through the bottle without a shake. Even when taking out the dropper top you will notice the oil doesn’t flow freely out. It is the combination of the small amount of oil, the small amount of air in the bottles and the small neck size that makes this a fight against physics. 

So what to do? Our choices are simply to persist with the drams knowing that they will need a shake or change to 1ml rollers.

Washing Your Bottles Before Use

We recommend that, like all purchased containers, to wash your amber containers before use to remove any residual manufacturing residue before using your bottles.

My Shipping is $99!!!!!!

If your order is over 8kg, you will be told that your shipping will cost $99. It is highly unlikely that your shipping will cost this much, please contact us for a custom quote.

Lost and Broken Parcels

All care is taken to pack your gorgeous goodies to protect them from the trials of the postal system. We will not be responsible for your order after it has been processed and left our premises.  From that point on, it is the responsibility of the courier or postal company to ensure that your order arrives in good working order. We use Sendel and Australia Post to ship our orders.