• Hot Chocolate Vintage Spoons

    A delicious treat to stir into warm milk for a hot chocolate (tablespoons) or into coffee for a mocha (teaspoons) on a cool Autumn day. Plus, once the treat is devoured a beautiful vintage spoon is revealed to be enjoyed over and over. These also make a unique Easter gift.

    What you will need:

    • 250g chocolate of good quality chocolate of your choice (pieces of block or melting buttons are fine)

    • Spoons (we choose to hunt down some beautiful vintage spoons from our local op shop but recyclable bamboo spoons would also do the trick)

    • Extra's of your choice such as mini marshmallows, pieces of Turkish delight, pure essential orange oil, shaved coconut etc...


    1. Melt down chocolate either by double boiler method or in the microwave (1 minute and then check and stir, then in 10 second intervals, checking and stirring in between)
    2. Lay baking paper over tray
    3. Dip spoons into melted chocolate and place gently down on baking paper and then top with your extra's. If you are using essential oils to flavour your chocolate, add the essential oil (1 drop to start with) to your melted chocolate before dipping spoons in)
    4. Refrigerate for 10 minutes or until chocolate has completely set
    5. Stir into a cup of your warm milk of choice for a tasty treat