• Raspberry Hearts with Pure Orange Oil

    Raspberry Hearts with Pure Orange Oil

    Sweets for my Sweet? This beautiful recipe is not only an easy one but uses rice malt syrup instead of sugar. Best of all, these hearts look and taste amazing so the perfect baking treat for someone special....... or just for the hell of it!

    - ¼ Cup of rice malt syrup
    - ½ cup of almond meal
    - ½ cup of desiccated coconut 
    - 40gms of butter
    - 250gms of Philly cheese
    - 6 drops of pure orange oil
    - Heart shaped cookie cutters
    - 1 tsp Raw Cacao Powder

    - 1/2 cup fresh raspberries

    BASE –

    - Tip the almond meal and coconut and cacao powder into a mixing bowl. 
    - Melt the butter in the microwave and then tip it into the bowl and stir until     the  butter mixes. 
    - Cover a cookie tray with baking paper and scoop out all of the base mixture.     Spread it out and push it down evenly until it is about 7mm thick in one blob     about the size of a small plate. 
    - Bake the base on 150 degrees until brown. 

    - Coat your heart shaped cookie cutters with olive oil. 

    - After removing from the oven, while still hot,  press your heart shaped cutters into the base and then leave them pushed in to cool.


    - Allow the cheese to warm to room temp. 
    - Chop the Philly slab into small bits and pop it in the wiz. Blitz till smooth. 
    - Add the Rice Malt syrup 
    - Add 6 drops of pure orange oil and then the roughly chopped fresh         raspberries. 
    - Pulse very quickly again to stir
    - Scoop Cheese and raspberry mix into the top of the cookie cutters and smooth flat with a knife. 
    - Freeze hearts until set and then push from the base upwards to remove from the cookie cutters.

    - Top with fresh raspberries and tiny pieces of date if you have a sweet tooth. 

    Store in the fridge and consume within a couple of days. Or share with your love on Valentines Day. 
    This recipe makes about 5 heart shaped cakes. x