• Basic DIY Moisturising Lotion Recipe

    This recipe is a relatively simple lotion recipe that can be used as a hand, body, face cleanser or facial scrub base. It is smooth and creamy and can be adapted depending on what base oils you have in the cupboard. 


    - 20ml (4tsp) emulsifying wax eg: candelilla wax or shea butter. 

    - 60ml of cold pressed vegetable oils or oils that suit your skin type (we love jojoba). 

    - 90ml of distilled water

    - Thermometer 


    1. To prepare, met the wax in a bowl in a bain-marie and add the oil. 

    2. Bring the water to to the same temperature in a separate bowl - between 45-55 degrees ( this needs to be an accurate temperature measurement). 

    3. Remove both bowls from the heat and beat the water in to the oil/ wax mixture. 

    4. Add 5 - 10 drops of essential oil of preference (remember to avoid light sensitive oils) and mix through your cream base. 

    5. If you would like to preserve your cream for longer lifespan add:

    - Grapeseed extract (20 drops per 100ml) to the water base. 

    and ......

    - Rosemary extract ( 2 drops per 100ml) to the oil/wax phase of the recipe. 

    This recipe makes approximately 170ml of moisturising base.