• Beautiful Geranium, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang Moisturizing Body Oil.

    Feminine, floral, powerful, nourishing. This floral blend is so feminine as a moisturising oil, the gorgeous Clary Sage is great for supporting women’s health!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

    1. Fractionated Coconut oil
    2. 16 drops of pure Clary Sage essential oil
    3. 8 drops pure Geranium essential oil
    4. 3 drops pure Ylang Ylang essential oil

    How to:
    1. Fill your 300ml Amber glass pump bottles to just above the label with Fractionated Coconut oil (you could also use a mix of this with Jojoba or almond oil for extra luxury).
    2. Add your essential oils to the mix. 
    3. Screw on the pump top and give it a good shake. 
    4. Keep this gorgeous mix in your bathroom to moisturise the skin after bathing or use as a massage oil.