• Gardeners Hand Scrub

    This DIY makes the perfect gift for garden lovers with it's appealing fresh and uplifting aroma, it's effectiveness in gently scrubbing, cleaning and nourishing hands. Our kids had fun making this on the weekend for their grand parents the neighbour.


    What you will need:
    ¼ cup of un-fractionated coconut oil
    26 drops of lemon myrtle essential oil
    4 drops of cypress essential oil
    Most of a 175ml jar full or raw sugar (approx. 1.25 cups)
    A 175ml jar

    1. Add coconut oil to a mixing bowl and sit it in the sink resting in a bath of hot water until the coconut oil becomes liquid
    2. Add essential oils (smelling as you go, feel free to add more or less to suit your preference)
    3. Using your jar as a measure, fill it almost to the top with raw sugar
    4. Tip the sugar into the mixing bowl and combine ingredients then scoop into your jar
    5. Pop in the fridge for 5 minutes to set your scrub