• Nourishing Eye Serum Roller

    This simple eye roller recipe is an every day staple in our house. Applied at night before bed on a clean face, the blend of essential oils and jojoba oil gently treats the delicate eye area.

    You Will Need

    - 3 drops of pure Frankincense essential oil

    - 3 drops of pure Lavender essential oil

    - 2 drop pure Lemon essential oil

    - 4 drops pure Myrrh essential oil

    - 2 drops pure Rose essential oil

    - Pure Jojoba oil


    1. Add the essential oils to a 10ml roller. 

    2. Top up with jojoba oil, apply the roller and cap and shake. 

    3. Use around the eyes before bed, being careful to avoid the eye as this mix might be stingy. 

    For super dry skin, our Aroma Botanics moisturising balm bar is perfect for applying over serums before bed for that extra lay of protection from the winter winds.