• Cinnamon Stick Diffuser Bundles

    You can never have too many diffusers dotted through the house at Christmas time. This season, we are choosing passive diffusers a little more to avoid adding more moisture to the air in our homes. The trick is to have many of them, dotted through the home to drip oils on and enjoy no matter where you are in the house. 

    This cinnamon stick diffuser bundle has such a natural and festive look. The cinnamon sticks have their own aroma so dripping pure essential oils like orange, nutmeg, peppermint, ginger, clove and black pepper can create some of those warm Christmas scents we all love. 

    You will need...

    - 10 - 12 cinnamon sticks

    - Twine or string to bundle them together.  

    - Gum, dried flowers, nuts, star anise, feathers and /or dried fruit. 


    1. Bundle the cinnamon sticks together and tie them with your twine, securing with a small knot.

    2. Choose a collection of gum, nuts, fruit etc. and hold them together in your fingers creating a small 'bouquet'. 

    3. When you are happy with the 'bouquet' place it on the twine and complete the tie creating a bow around the 'bouquet'.  

    4. Place the completed cinnamon stick bundle on a small plate to catch any of the essential oils that may drip through the bundle. 

    5. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of your cinnamon stick diffuser bundle.