• DIY Valentine's Paper Flower Cards

    If you're struggling to find a card that says just what you need it to it may be time to crack out the glue gun.
    A handmade card may just be more heartfelt that a Hallmark.

    You will need....

    - Coloured paper

    - A blank card

    - Gum nut 

    - Glue Gun

    - Stick

    - Flower Template (see below)

    - Scissors

    - Black biro

    - A sprinkle of love. 

    How to...

    1. Print your paper flower template onto cardboard card. 

    2. Cut out a small and large flower template shape. 

    3. Use the templates to trace on to your choice of printed paper. 

    4. Curl the petals a little with a pencil to give your flower a 3D look. 

    5. Cut out a leaf shape. 

    6. With a hot glue gun, glue the stick on your card and then at the end of the stick glue the small flower to the centre of the larger and add the gum nut for the centre. Stick the constructed flower on the end of the stick and add your leaf for effect. 

    7. Write your Valentine's message to the one that holds your heart. 

    Download your Free Printable Paper Flower Template Here...

    **Click here to watch this DIY video on Instagram**